Best Broadway Shows Insider Tips For Finding the Best Broadway Show

Planning a trip to The Big Apple soon? Then you will want to know about the best Broadway shows. With so many different choices you simply wont have time to take in all of them. Getting the scoop on which ones are worthwhile is invaluable information for planning your stay.

So, how do you go about deciding which performances are best? This can be a little tricky. Asking others might not be the best advice since everyone has their own opinions. What might be of interest to some could be considered absolutely boring to others. This is where reviews come in handy. Yes, they are from other individuals, but they are also people whom you dont know and therefore, their opinion isnt biased.

Theater reviews can also shed light on what is a must see and what you should stay away from. These people are paid for their opinions, but they are also paid to be subjective and honest: sometimes, even brutally honest. This will pay off for someone who doesnt know the lay of the land.

If you wait until you arrive in town you can always ask the opinion of locals. They have more than likely seen a lot of productions and can steer you in the right direction. Some of the best critics are service staff. Since they rely on tips for part of their income they are more willing to be honest as to what you should take in. Unless you tell them otherwise, they will assume that you are a local and the last thing they want is to acquire a name as someone who gives out bad information to customers.

A good honest source of information is to check the attendance. If a show is consistently sold out or if it is difficult to obtain seating then your question has been duly answered. If, on the other hand, a production has only been out for a short time and there is always plenty of room in each performance, things arent going so well.

You can always go online before you leave, or even after you arrive, to check out what the critics say are the best Broadway shows. No matter how bad a production is there is always someone who gives it a thumbs up. But who are they? If the positive reaction is from someone at a local paper or a national publication then it holds considerably more water than someone from an out-of-town gazette that no one has ever heard of before.